Where Do I Begin?

I’ve always had trouble starting a new story. I guess every author experiences it at times. You have a number of great ideas, but how do you go about turning those ideas into a story?

I’ve started stories but writing out a single sentence or a paragraph to see how it sounds. The paragraph is just a practice run. The other day I wrote a 6 page story segment (yes that’s a little more than a paragraph) to see how the story sounds. After saving the story I then print it and read it over twice. I’ll now leave it alone for a week. I will read it again next weekend and then decide if it’s worth exploring further.

Starting with a character is also a great way to start a story. Build the character from the ground up in it’s entirely and then have a conversation with it. The character’s answers often lead to story ideas. I recently created Melissa Paige. A young woman in her late 20’s. while talking with Melissa I discovered that she is a high school history teacher. She told me that she’s never had a long term relationship and that she had a secret. It took a lot of poking and prodding but I finally had her tell me her secret. She made me promise not to tell anyone.

Other writing is a great way to stimulate the creative juices. This blog is a great tool. Even now, as I write this I’m thinking of Melissa and her story. I guess I won’t stay much longer, I need to get some writing done.

Have a happy Canada Day!


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