“Six” Days Later

As I wrote about at the beginning of July, I’ve started to write my first novel. To help get my focus I bought Sarah Domet’s book ’90 Days to Your Novel’ and began following it’s instructions. Day 1 wasn’t too bad. It took about 2 hours to complete the assignment. I throughly enjoyed putting some of my best childhood memories to paper. Day 2 was spent writing about one specific memory in great detail. Again, very enjoyable. Then I reached Day 3. WOW! That was one very long day. It took me two weeks to complete the assignment and wrote over 7,600 words. The assignment sounded easy, write down the details of 10 characters. I started by taking a couple of the people from my memories and building characters based on what I knew about them. One of the characters was based on the subsitute art teacher I had in grade 11. I built a wonderful character that may one day find her way into a story.

As I wrote the characters, I started thinking about the details of my novel. The story I was going to build into a novel was a Fantasy story I had started back in 2008. I had reached page 89 when the story suddenly flatlined. Why, you ask? Because I hadn’t plotted any part of the story. I didn’t apply the three Pillars of Story so the story just hung there and did nothing. It didn’t go anywhere. While re-building the characters based on Domet’s book I was able to plot the story. Now on day 6 of the book, I have a very strong start to my novel. It is just a start. There was still much to write, much to plot and plan. I still needed to build my three pillars.

So today I will start day 6 of Domet’s book and I look forward to the direction my novel is taking because of her instruction. See you in two weeks.


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