The Moon Over August

The Moon
The Moon over August

The dog days of summer linger longer than most. The heat of the summer causes the blacktop to boil. The humidity slows the people on the streets. Beads of sweat roll from their foreheads and drips off their temples. But as the sun sets below the western horizon the crowds comes to life.  With the sun gone the heat bleeds from the Earth, leaving a coolness lingering in the air. The moon hangs over the city, keeping watch over the darkening Earth below.  Giving just enough light for the crowds to enjoy the night before them. For centuries the moon has watched over the people of the night. Protecting them, keeping them from harm.

I took the photo this evening as the moon rose over Lake Ontario. If I had been quicker, I could have got a shot of the moon over the rich greens of Toronto Island. Maybe tomorrow night. I’m really enjoying my new camera. I need to get back to my writing. Thanks for dropping by tonight. See you later.


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