Chapter One from the Story Bible

I’ve reached the end … and a beginning. I’ve reached the point in Sarah Domet’s book ’90 Days to Your Novel’ where I have completed the day by day assignments. Tomorrow I start the Week Four : Days 22-28 assignment. Getting to this point I have completed 21 assignments and am looking at a complete outline of my novel. This is a point in my novel writing that I’ve never been before. I have the story, from beginning to end. I know where my characters start, where they’re going and where they will end up on the last page. I’m very pleased with my story thus far. It’s like looking down from an airplane at 50,000 feet. I don’t see the details, just the shapes and roads. When you’re that high, you can see where the road starts and where it ends and all the curves along the way.

The Story Bible

I’ve taken these outline and started building my story bible. I’m writing a fantasy story so there is a lot of background information, maps and world building. Coming in a couple of weeks will be a preview of the map that will be appearing in my book. This is part of my bible. Each character has there own page of information using a custom character profile form. There are over 50 pages so far and over 12,000 characters. The history is going to fun to build. There is a Kingdom and an Empire. These two nations have been at war for over 700 years.

Week Four

I’m looking forward what the next week will bring as I move further into the workshop book. The promise way back on day was a complete first draft of my novel by day 90. I’m well on my way and very excited on where this adventure is going to take me.

Here is the ouline of Chapter One. Enjoy.

Chapter One

Sarah Elynngrymm steals the saddle bag right off Dovern
‘s horse and flees into the forest. Inside the saddle bag is a
book, The Chronicles of Stroversai. It is a hand written book put together by
her mentor, Horst Saromo. Many of the secrets of Stroversai have been
documented. Horst is a thief, a very good one and over the years he has written
down stories and rumours about great treasures, secret passages and historic
artifacts. Dovern is most interested in the stories and maps having to do with
an artifact called Stroversai’s Helm. The helm is supposed to have been the
source of King Stroversai‘s power, and it’s a power that Dovern wants
for himself.

Sarah had discovered that Dovern visited Horst in Kaladar and stole the book from him. Her source told her that Dovern left Horst in terrible shape. Sarah spent the next
several weeks planning her theft of the book and escape back to Horst to return
the book. She hadn’t planned for her handmaiden to talk to her husband, one of
Dovern’s men, about Sarah’s plan. The theft didn’t go perfectly, but it worked
none-the-less. Sarah had escaped the compound with the book, but without a
horse, her escape was going to be short lived unless she could find somewhere
to hide. She was able to find an old farm that had been abandoned years
earlier. The storm cellar under the barn was dark and full of cobwebs, but it
was the perfect place for Sarah to hide.

Dovern leads his men from the compound on horseback in an effort to locate is runaway wife and the valuable book she had stolen. His orders are clear, bring back the book
undamaged, but he didn’t care if Sarah was returned dead or alive.


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