A New Year – A New Screenplay

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Holidays. The New Year has traditionally brought about change. Throwing out the old and introducing the new, finding aspects of your life that for one reason or another may have slipped away. We call these things RESOLUTIONS and we makes millions of them every year. How many resolutions make it through the first month, or even the first week of January? Two years ago I set out to loose weight and over the year I lost 50 pounds. For 2012 I’ve decided to focus on my screenwriting. I want to write a screenplay that I’m happy enough with to show other people. I want to have a chance to get my screenplay on the silver screen. We all have a dream to see our name in lights and this year I’m going to take a huge step towards making that dream a reality.

I’m starting a new screenplay this year. But more importantly I’m also going to create a workshop that will help me move through the steps of writing a screenplay in an organized and structured way. The workshop will be designed as a 12-step program. Each step will look at a different aspect of writing the screenplay and break down that step into the key points that will help guide me through the process. The goal will be to have the final script in my hands by December 31, 2012. The best part is I’m going to publish the workshop on my blog over the next 12 months. It might help others get through the process of writing a script as much as I hope it’s going to help me. If you would like to follow along, then look for the Workshop menu option above and click on it. January’s topic will focus on the Log Line and will be published during the fourth week of the month.

Putting Ideas to Paper

The hardest part of writing a screenplay for me is the not writing part but rather all of the notes, the research, the character development that goes into the screenplay before the writing begins. In recent years I’ve improved greatly and I’ve seen my screenplays improve so my hope is to take the time to plan and prepare every part of my screenplay in such detail that the writing process will actually flow together very quickly.  I’ve been working on the three assignments for January’s workshop already and I will be including some of my answers in the blog post, but if you would like to follow along I’ll tell you what you’re going to need right now.

  • get an actual screenplay (search Chapters or Amazon for screenplays)
  • get the movie for the screenplay you’ve bought
  • setup a new directory structure on your computer for your screenplay
  • pick up a couple of good quality, hardcover notebooks
  • start thinking about your story ideas

Remember, its a new year. That should be reason enough to make a new resolution to focus on your writing and to succeed. Writing is an experience and you need to focus to enjoy it to the fullest.

– Steve


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