The Workshop has Started

I’ve uploaded the first chapter of my workshop. It is about writing your log line and your working title. There is some information about writing screenplays as well as a hint as to what is coming up in future chapters. I’ve already completed the three assignments for this month and am already working on February’s assignments. Already I’m finding the workshop is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. First, I’m writing far more now than I was before. Just writing the workshop lessons is taking some serious time, but when I move to working on my screenplay the juices start flowing and I find myself diving right into the experience. I’m also reading more. I’m reading both novels and other works of fiction, but I’m also reading about screenplays and story telling. Let me tell you, reading about the very basics about story telling just by itself can get your thoughts in order.

According to the table of contents, the Feekwrites Workshop will not be writing the first word of the screenplay for some time, but by that time I expect to know my characters as well as I know my family and I will understand the ups and downs of my story. I’ll know where the twists and turns are and will be able to write them in a dramatic way that will grab the interest of the reader and hold on to them for the entire 120 pages.

I’m also starting photography classes tomorrow and Sunday. My hope is that these classes will ensure I understand all of the functions on my new Canon camera and that I will be able to use the device to it’s full potential. I’m not looking to become a professional in any way, yet I would like my photos to appear interesting and enjoyable to look at.

My future postings will include the my completed assignments from the workshop so that anyone who is following the workshop can see how my screenplay is taking shape.

See ya next time.


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