feekwrites Screenplay Tip #1

Your Hero must drive the story, all of the other characters are just alongdoor the ride. You selected your hero to play the hero of your story for a reason. If that’s not the character making all the decisions then you need to choose another hero. Of course there will be times when your hero just reacts (such as dealing with obstacles) but when it comes to the plot points and story decisions the hero must step up and make all of the decision. If your finding that your hero is not taking charge of the story then changes will be needed.


2 responses to “feekwrites Screenplay Tip #1

    • The Hero drives the story while the villain drives the conflict. Without conflict there is no story and without a story there is no conflict. The two work together, yet it is the hero who makes the decisions. If others are making the decisions in your story, then you may have focused on the wrong hero.

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