feekwrites Script Tip 4

Know The Answer Before Asking the Question

In July’s Workshop article I talk about the Story Question and it’s importance in driving the story forward and providing the writer options for developing significant obstacles for the hero. The only way to determine your Story Question is to make sure you know your ending inside out. Write an essay about your ending. Explain to yourself what needs to happen to get your hero to the end of your film. Go over every possible option as well as things you, as the writer, can do to make the climax more, well, climatic. Detailing the climax is the most important part as this is the Story Question’s answer. When the Death Star explodes that answers the question that was asked when Luke’s Aunt and Uncle are killed, Will Luke get the stolen data plans to the Rebellion in time to use them against the Death Star. The answer is yes. BOOM!


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