Short Story Writing

I’ve had a short story writing kick in the last few weeks. Sometimes a short story comes to me almost fully formed and I need to sit down and write it. Below is a snapshot from a story I wrote called Memory Lane. It’s the story of a woman who notices that the first house her and her husband had bought 25 years ago and decides to take a tour through both the house and her memories. This clip is from about the second page of the story that’s been through a first edit and will be going through a second edit shortly.

The first day Sarah and John had seen the house, they were already expecting. The one bedroom apartment that they had called home for the first two years of their marriage was about to become very small. With help from his parents, they were able to get the down payment together. Houses were a lot less expensive in the late 1980’s but it was still a great deal of money. They stood in the kitchen as they made their decision while another realtor waited for them in the next room. “Do you think we can afford this John?” Sarah had asked.

“If we waited until we knew for sure, our child would be in college.” he had said. He always wore that goofy smile any time he talked about the baby. Over two years of trying had finally led to success. 

“I won’t be working for at least a year after the baby arrives. Money will be tight.”

“Money has always been tight.” John had said. “As long as we’re together we’ll be able to get through any hardship. I’m not worried.”

Some hardships were just too hard to get through.

A writer should have a favourite writing genre (mine is screenplays) but to improve as a writer  it’s sometimes best to explore different genres. A good writer learns from everything form of writing. I do wonder what this story would be like a screenplay. It would probably a short film, maybe 15 minutes or so. This will than allow me to explore adaptations. Taking a story from another source and turning it into a screenplay. Something to think about. But for the moment I have five short stories in the editing process at the moment and I want to get that finished first. Will I write another short story? Probably. Will I write another screenplay? Definitely. But sometimes you just need to explore something different.

On a side note, I just finished reading Stephen King’s time travel novel ’11/22/63′. I enjoyed the story and if you like time travel or Mr. King – I recommend it. I don’t like giving away too much about a story, so there’s no details or spoilers but I do recommend it.


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