How to Write a Screenplay

I’m starting a new project on Tuesday, March 5. Last year I published the first draft of my Absolute Beginners Screenwriters Workshop and this year I’ve started to rewrite the document. While I have been rewriting the nearly 100 page document I came to realize that the blog was starting to fall behind. I spent the long week considering my options and decided that the rewrite process could benefit from having it posted. Unlike last year, the articles will be written as unique pages separate from the actual blog posts. This time around I’m going to post the articles on the main page and then at a later time I will migrate the articles into separate new pages.

I will be begin right from the moment the idea is conceived and will move forward through each of the steps needed to build the first draft of a screenplay. While I’m writing my screenplay, I hope the articles inspire you to write your first screenplay as well. Each post will be published on Tuesday evening (EST) and will include assignments that can be completed each week. With the completion of each assignment will move you one week closer to the completion of your screenplay.

So with 14 days left before I publish the first article we all have time to come up with a number of different ideas that we would like to write a screenplay about. Gather your thoughts and come to the first article with a fresh pad of paper and your favourite pen.

– Steve


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