Notebook & Pens are Still Your Best Friends

When ready to start a brand new writing project head out to your favourite stationary supply store and buy a brand new writing pen and hardcover notebook. Use these tools to write down every detail of your development process. I personally find that it is easier to flip through a notebook looking for something I wrote down three months earlier than it is to find a file on the laptop. A notebook also allows you to draw sketches, floor plans and storyboards to help you plan out any given scene. I prefer hardcover notebooks as the covers help protect your notes over the year or more it takes to finish a single project.

If you’re looking forward to feekwrite’s upcoming project, developing and writing a complete screenplay on the blog, then head out this weekend and find a great pen and new notebook so you can develop your own screenplay along the way.

– Steve


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  1. I rarely write anything anymore by hand. When I have an idea, I use the voice recorder on my iphone, which is always with me. Then I set down to type it out. The only time I write is when I’m proofreading a printed script.

    • Ioannis. Great to hear from you again. Honestly I never thought of using my iPhone’s voice recorder. I’m just so used to writing notes. I use the iPhone’s notepad all the time. I’m going to try the voice recorder and see how it works for me. Thank you very much for the suggestion.
      – Steve

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