Melathia: World Building, Part III


The nation of Melathia is a nation in turmoil. For decades the Empire Orithia has been pushing Melathia around taking whatever the great empire wanted from the small nation. To add to their troubles the Great Elder of the White Council, Alma Sarborn, has recently passed away leaving a hole on the council.

The White Council

Melathia is ruled by a council of seven elderly woman known as The White Council. Each of the 29 cities of Melathia selects the eldest unmarried woman and sends her to the capital city of Kierlaw as a member of the Elder Council. The eldest seven of this group are appointed to the White Council. After the death of one of the White Council the Elder Council votes a member to the White Council while the city sends a new representative to the capital to serve as their representative on the Elder Council. The White Council makes all of the decisions for the nation. They appoint members of the Elder Council to lead committees, to act as judges in legal disputes.

First Story Set in Melathia

When the story opens, the eldest member of the White Council has passed away. A vote is held and Kierlaw representative Elynngrymm Bynwater is raised to the White Council. She is already 72 years old but is still a feisty, outspoken woman. Like all members of the Elder & White Councils Elynngrymm has an assistant who ensures that all of her needs are taken care of, a young woman named Eudaemonia Kierlaw, an ancestor of the nation’s founder Melathia Kierlaw. Often assistants serve the members from their 14th birthday to their 18th birthday but there have been times where an assistant has stayed on longer. Eudaemonia is now 23 years old and wishes to one day serve on the council herself. The White Council has spent the last decade allowing the Empire of Orithia to take whatever they want, Elynngrymm vows to put an end to this.

While the women rule the nation the men are valued for their brute strength and their skills are put to work in the army. Woman do not serve in Melathia’s army as their skills are needed elsewhere while men are often seen as fodder and dispensable. Three members of the White Council serve as the ultimate command of the army. Elynngrymm is able to get herself elected to the Military Committee and quickly pushes herself into a position of power over the other two members of the committee and takes command of the military. She orders the army to march across the Empire’s border and push inland taking the fight to the Empire.


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