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Yesterday I posted an article while I was sitting in the parking lot of the local Target store. I started thinking about writing while on the go and how easy it’s become in recent years.

We have all read the writers advise ‘carry a note book and pen at all times’ and many of us, myself included, did just that. The purpose of the note book was to record any thoughts, story ideas, dialogue snippets or character information you might come across during a typical day. I’ve said before that your million dollar idea may come from the most unlikely source. But now with the popularity of smart phones we don’t need to write anything down.

On my iPhone I have a couple different choices for taking notes. I can use Apple’s notebook app or Evernote to write down exciting thoughts. With Evernote my ideas are instantly taken from my iPhone and added on my iPad and MacBook Pro. If your not familiar with Evernote I recommend you check it out. On my iPad I have a number of other writing tools which allow me to write while on the go. Recently I added the WordPress app to both devices.

The leading photo shows the options available with the WordPress app for iPhone. Originally I used the app to verify comments (I enjoy reading your comments) but as they released updates for the app it became easier and easier to write a blog while on the run. Now that it’s summer it has become more and more difficult to find the time to write a blog post while in front of the laptop so while I sat in the Target parking lot I pulled out my phone and started writing.
The writing window (shown above) is easy to use. Along the top of the keyboard are some markup buttons such as bold and italic. This line of buttons scrolls across for more buttons. As you can see in both my previous post as we as this post photos can be easily added to the article. The best feature on the iPhone is the microphone button. I tried it in the parking lot yesterday and I was very impressed. It is not perfect but it is a great way to ‘write’ a quick post.

Thanks to the WordPress app, I will definitely post more often. Thanks!! I think my next post will be a review of the writing software I have on my iPad.

Do you write on the run? What apps do you have on your smart phone to help you write on the road?


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