More Writing on the Go

Welcome to all of my new followers. Welcome aboard. Yesterday I wrote about writing blog posts on the go with the recently updated WordPress mobile app and mentioned that I would soon speak about some of the other writing apps I use. I enjoy writing while on the go. We do everything on the go these days so why not writing? Of course I have Apple’s Pages on my iPad but I have a number of different speciality apps.

Screenplay Apps

I have 6 different screenplay apps on my app. The first was Celtx which I have used for a few years. Celtx allows the writer to write a number of different projects such as screenplays, stageplays and comics. With a button bar above the keyboard allowing the user to place the text in all the right places. It’s easy to use.


Also are ScriptWrite by Filter Apps, LLC. It’s a good program but when scrolling down through your screenplay it takes a moment to load the next section before displaying it. This slows the display slightly. I recently added Fade In and Final Draft Writer. Both of these apps caused a lot of excitement amongst writers when they were released. While I haven’t used either these apps very much, I must say that I like how FD Writer displays your screenplay as pages rather than just a long, single document. If asked if I have a preference I must say it’s between Celtx and FD Writer. Both are clean and easy to use.

Other Writing Apps


This grouping has a number of different apps that are helpful when it comes to writing. AI Writer includes a clean, organized workspace for the busy writer. Manuscript from Black Magna Studios USA which allows you to divide your writing into chapters while your writing it. If your building a large story with a lot of different notes then your going to want to investigate Storyist. With the use of story folders you can keep track of character information separate but within the same app. Thinkamingo has a number of apps for writers of which I use Writers Lists. This is a list of names, basic plot ideas, etc. that can be used to spark an idea .  Finally there are a number of note taking apps in this folder as well.

The one program I’m waiting to go mobile is Scrivener. I use this program on my Macbook Pro every day. It allows me to collect every little detail about my stories into a single file. Writing files, PDF’s, images, index cards – it’s all included in this application. When it goes mobile I’ll be amongst the first to buy it and and it to my iPad.

What apps to you use when your writing mobile? Do you have favourites that I haven’t mentioned here? Do you use any of these apps? Do you use Scrivener?


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