The Stroversai Clan


Here is a new map for the Stroversai clan. This corner of the world has yet to be located on the main map from two months ago and I might need to manually adjust the map to make this fit. This map started out as a pencil sketch on the back of a cue card that I doodled during a teleconference meeting at work. I later took a photograph of the drawing and opened it in Photoshop and began to work with it.

The mountains divide the clan into two distinct regions allowing me to create two unique histories for each side of the clan. Are they still a single clan or is there a struggle for leadership or independence? Travel through the mountain pass is very difficult in the good weather and absolutely impossible during the winter months. The blank green region to the south will be another, yet to be named clan at some point and I will come to expand this map in the near future.

More information to follow as I develop it.

– Steve


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