Defeating Writer’s Block

It’s been a tough week for my writing. On one hand I have updated the map I published a little over a week ago and will be republishing that shortly yet on the other hand I have not written anything until I started writing this blog post. I have ideas that I want to write, but the characters are just not appearing on the screen. I guess we, as writers, experience moments like this. We have things that we want to put into words but we don’t know where to start. Last week I woke up one morning with a title in my head and I have spent the week trying to figure out the story that it belongs to. Maybe that’s why my writing brain hasn’t focused on any actual writing, because it’s flipping the title over in my head trying to find the story.

I’ve been creative this week as I have been taking photos of flowers while my fiancée and I wondered around the large garden centre for three hours. Yes – I said three hours. I’ve started to enjoy taking photos and lately my focus (pun intended) has been flowers. If you head over to my Flickr site you can take a look at the results of my new hobby. But how does this ease the pain of writer’s block?

Do Something Creative

Writer’s Block is the inability to be creative. Writers are unable to write. Some of the tips to overcome this is to get out and go for a walk and see the world around you. It’s hard to write about the world if you don’t explore the world. What’s better why than to take photos of the world? But how can a photo be used to break writer’s block? That’s easy – write about it!


I took this photo years ago. It’s an abandoned barn located in Southern Ontario, Canada. How would you describe this location if you were writing a screenplay? How about a novel? What does the cloud cover do to the mood of the scene and how would you describe it? Writing about one of your photos is a great way to get over writer’s block. So take out some old photos of yours – or even better, head out and take some new photos and sit down and describe them as though they are settings for your work of fiction. Who knows, they might just end up in your project at some point.

Until next time,
– Steve


3 responses to “Defeating Writer’s Block

  1. I’ve always been interested in photography but have never got around to taking more than my artistic version of an iPhone picture… Start up costs for decent photography supplies are a bit unnerving but it would be nice to be able to use my own shots for my blog rather than searching stuff on Creative Commons! Love the picture by the way, there’s tons of dilapidated barns and houses like that along the highways here in Alberta too. They always look so sad!

    • Many of the photos are from my iPhone5 with some being from my entry-level Cannon DSLR camera. I have taken a couple of camera courses through the local camera store and they helped a lot but I see it as the world around us is changing and it is the cameras of the world that needs to document those changes.

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