Writing the Scene


Earlier this week I wrote a post about defeating writer’s block by using a photo. Today I’ve decided to post what I wrote about the photo above.


A lone, dilapidated barn crests over the horizon as Ronald rolls down the small dirt road. With the second story hay door missing and the metal roof starting to rust the barn looks to have been unused for years.

The grass around the barn has grown wild and trees that were once cleared are starting grow back. A single seed has grown into a small sapling with a small tuff of leaves at the top branch.


Ronald brings the car to a stop next to barn and he steps out from the car. His eyes study the barn as he closes the door softly and then walks around the front of the car. Ronald reaches his hand out as he nears the barn and runs it alone the worn wood as the walks the length of the side wall.

Reaching the corner he looks down the front wall and sees the main door has fallen from its hinges and lays amongst the tall grass. Ronald walks to the front door and peers into the dark barn. After a momentary pause Ronald steps into the barn.


Ronald stands silhouetted in the doorway. He runs his right hand through his hair as she looks around at his surroundings.

My God. It hasn’t changed in here.
And it what is that smell?

Ronald takes a step further into the barn and starts to look around. The wood is rotting from years of neglect. The hay on the ground is old and matted. He ducks around pillars as he completes a circuit around the barn.

Back at the door Ronald again runs his right hand through his hair. A HORN BEEPS outside the barn, catching his attention. He steps back through the door.


A second car, a Lexus SUV has parked next to Ronald’s older BMW. DAVE HENDERSON closes the door of his SUV and walks over to Ronald with his arm outstretched. The two shakes hands.

Impressive property.

Even more impressive price.

What the smell? Is it coming from the barn?

Yes. I was just checking it out. Probably just rotting hay
or maybe critter waste. Nothing too concerning.

It’s an interesting scene. When completing any writing assignment never just throw out the results. Keep everything. You never know when you might need a scene such as this. More importantly, how’s your writer’s block? Is it gone? Do you want to write more? I do and that’s a GREAT thing. It doesn’t take much to release the creativity and free yourself of the blockage.

So, take an hour and write a scene or two based on a photograph you’ve recently taken. Make a scene of it. Have some fun and be creative.

Talk to you soon
– Steve


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