Act One is Complete



It’s been a great weekend and this morning I completed the first act of my screenplay. The image is a screenshot of my Scrivener file for the screenplay. Before I started writing the screenplay I broke the three acts into a number of story beats that I knew I was going to need in order to tell the story. The first act included 14 story beats, including the first three of my story beats, The Opening Scene, the Inciting Incident and the First Point Point.

You can see the highlighted plot point’s title is called “Plot Point One”. Before moving into the second act of the screenplay I’m going to sit and read the first act over and make some additional notes about the different scenes and how I want this notes to play out through the remaining of the story. While writing the first act I allowed myself to wander off the outline a little while allowing the characters to develop a little further.

I have some reading to do so I’ll talk with you again next weekend.


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