Podcasting Writing Tips

We writers often spend months at a time working in solitude on our opus with little contact with others. When we do walk away from the keyboard our families joke that they don’t know who we are because we so rarely walk away from the keyboard. When we’re not writing we often find ourselves reading magazines about writing or genre-specific books. While writing we have so little free time available.

I use some of that free time to listen to podcasts about writing. Each week my iPhone pulls a number of great ‘audio articles’ over for me to listen to. I enjoy the interesting language facts that Grammar Girl provides in her “Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing”. Each Tuesday I listen to new episodes of HUGO-award winning “Writing Excuses” with Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinetter Kowal, Howard Taylor and Daniel Wells. John August’s and Craig Mazin’s “Scriptnotes” is an exceptional podcast by two successful screenwriters that I personally find very inspirational.

The very first writing podcast I listened to was Pilar Alessandra’s “On The Page”. Ms. Alessandra is a professional script consultant and author who travels the world ‘demystifies screenwriting’ for writers. Each Friday Pilar talks with people she’s often met through her On the Page classes where she teaches screenwriting structure. Her book, “The Coffee Break Screenwriter”, reads like the class put to paper and I bought the book solely because I enjoyed her podcast. I don’t want to give away too much about the book, but I will say that right in chapter one Pilar talks about building your screenplay based on the Main Character’s emotions and actions driven by those emotions. The emotional approach to story building is brilliant and I have been using it in the redevelopment of my screenplay “Brierwood” (which is going through a renaming process).

Take some of your free time and give a couple of the podcasts I’ve mentioned above a try, your writing might thank you later.

What podcasts about writing do you listen to?
Would you recommend other writers to listen to them as well?


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