The Town of Grace Hill


A number of months ago I posted a couple of blogs about a fantasy world that I have been working on for some upcoming stories and since then I have continued building my new world. Today I wanted to post about the town of Grace Hill. While I still haven’t defined the type of culture that will live in this town, I have designed the town with its history in mind.

Grace Hill was founded on the east shores of the Harmack River in the south west corner of the Strover Clans. Across the river hoards of men would raid the newly founded village for supplies so the leaders ordered the construction of a armed, walled Keep. Naming it after his daughter Grace, the Lord of the Keep was able to turn back the hoards for a number of years. The Lord of the Keep was killed in a massive co-ordinated attack that saw the keep burnt to the ground.

Lady Grace survived and took ownership of her father’s land and she ordered the construction of the western walls that still stand today. The oval keep in the east end of the town was also built and Lady Grace was able to keep the hoards back. In the later years of Lady Grace’s reign the hoards disappeared completely as they were dealing with an invasion along their eastern borders. This quiet time gave Lady Grace the time she needed build additional walls to protect the town that was starting to develop between her walls and they keep. After Lady Grace’s death, her son, Lord Anwain named the town Grace Hill.

To the west the hoards organized to defeat the invasion and founded the Kingdom of Puyallup and the attacks restarted. Puyallup and the Strover Clans continue to fight to the present day and Grace Hill has become a military town and acts as a staging area for assaults into Puyallup. It’s current ruler, Lord Werner (a direct descendant of Lady Grace) is a military hero who has spent years defeating the Puyallup troops.

There are a number of possible stories in this brief description and when building your fantasy world that what your looking for. Maybe my first story in this world will focus on Lady Grace and the founding of the town that would one day carry her name? 


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