Building A Fantasy World

I love to sit and draw maps. I start with a pencil and a blank piece of paper and I start to doodle. Below are two of my doodles that I decided to scan and digitally add some colour to.

The Village of Mazonah

I’ve been planning a fantasyMazhon novel for several months and I’ve been doodling maps that I might be able to use as locations. Mazonah is one such doodle. This village is less than 200 people and would be the hometown of one of the central characters. Located at a crossroads, Mazonah is a quiet farming community with just one small inn (the large building on the southwest corner of the crossroads). On the northeast corner is the only fully stone building in town, the town hall tower. Originally built as an outpost the tower is the oldest building in town. There are only two stores in town and the rest are residential buildings. Most are single story wooden structures with a few with stone walls added for additional protection. Much of the land around Mazonah is farm land privately owned and farmed. Once a week the town hall hosts an outdoor market in the land behind the building where the farmers bring their crops into the town and most of the villagers spend the day buying products, drinking, eating and playing games. The well (southeast of the four corners) is a location where the woman of the village gather daily while the do their daily chores.

The character of my story who calls Mazonah home is Olan Ijessel, a young man and new member of the Orithian Order, an organization of realm protectors. He was taken to the Order at the age of 4 for an education, as most children from ‘wealthier’ families do, however, his family was later killed when an illness swept through the village. There were amongst the 30 villagers (nearly 15% of the population) killed by the still unknown illness. With his family killed Olan decided to remain with the Order on his 15th birthday. His became a full member of the Order three years later, on his 18th birthday.

The City of Seacastle

SeacastleSeacastle is the most north-western city in the realm and a great place if you’re looking for somewhere to hide. The town was named after the original castle that still sits south of the town at the split in the river. The population of Seacastle is over 60,000 people. There are nearly 100 hotels and over 100 bars and taverns. 45 years ago, the mayor of Seacastle ordered walls built around the town. Construction began in the bay but as well as around of the roads in and out of the city. After just 5 years of construction, it was halted after the mayor died while inspecting the construction site after he tripped and fell off the wall. It was decided that the walls in place would remain, but construction was halted.

Seacastle is home to a former Orithian Order Hero, Kaladar Alapiedah. Five years ago, Kaladar failed in a mission and he went into hiding to live with his shame privately. The story will center on his redemption. It will be Olan who will eventually track him down and begin to pull him back into the world. Olan needs Kaladar’s experience to complete his own mission, a mission Kaladar has experience with. Just because he failed doesn’t mean that the order has abandoned the mission.

Map of the Realms

At some point I will post a full map of the realms, but at the moment I’m working on a brand new screenplay so once again my fantasy novel will need to sit in the drawer for a few more months.

– Stephen


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