Rewriting the Outline

For the last month I have been writing and rewriting the outline of my first novel. For those who haven’t read my last couple of blog posts on July 13 I started hand writing my first novel in a 280-page high quality notebook that I had bought at a Barnes & Noble a couple of years earlier. On Aug 28, 2014 I finished hand writing that novel. I counted the number of words on several random pages and determined that it was about 52,000 words. Need-to-say, I was impressed with myself. I took week to enjoy my success and then I started outlining the novel in Scrivener. After a false start, I found myself on a roll and I first outlined the hero’s chapters, building a couple of new chapters here and there to fill some story holes that I had found. I then outlined the villain’s chapters and the supporting character’s chapters.

I now have 60 possible chapter cue cards to work with and that’s where I am now. These chapter cue cards will be built into detailed chapter outlines based on a Chapter Workbook Sheet that I am building within Scrivener. My plan at some point in 2015 is to offer the first chapter on the blog so that I can get some feedback on the content and my writing style. As I finish the first draft of the novel I will be looking for Beta readers and I hope some of my readers would be willing to do that for me.

Screenwriting Workbook

In 2013 / 2014 I wrote a series of screenwriting articles about writing a screenplay in just 70 days. Those articles can be found here. Is there anyone who would be interested in a physical workbook based on these articles? If so, please let me know your thoughts.

– Steve


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