It’s Time to Write

typewritterSorry for my prolonged silence recently. I’ve been reading and typing. As I spoke about last time I’m going to read 12 novels in 2015 and I’m already about a fifth through my third choice. I have also been keying the 52,000 word I hand wrote last summer into my computer. I didn’t expect it to take this long. What all this means is that I haven’t written anything new in 2015.

So it’s time to grab a new Moleskin and start planning my next screenplay. But will my next screenplay in fact be my previous screenplay. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I’ve been struggling with a screenplay I started to write in 2009 – Brierwood. I walked away from it in 2013 because it just wasn’t working. But now I think I might be ready to go back and tackle the project again. Brand new; as if for the first time.

Brierwood tells the story of a woman, Melissa, who struggles to escape her current, unfortunate life to become something better. It’s full of pitfalls and successes that lead up to the moment where she must choose between the life she knows and the life she wants and can she live with her choice? Past versions of the screenplay had lacked a voice, a direction and a villain all of which I hope to correct in my next version of the story. But how was I going to do that?

One thing I have been working on is the workbook version of my 70 Days workshop (posted early 2014). Each day is a step towards a completed first draft of your screenplay. I will be using the beta version my new workbook to help build and then later write the tenth version of this screenplay. Yes, I said tenth, but to be fair, versions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 were all variations of the same screenplay (version 6 wasn’t even finished) so I’m not really sure if they should be counted separately or as one. Regardless I start writing based on the needs of the first day of the workbook. The first day is to write about your idea so that is what I have done. I have several pages in my new Moleskin already filled with ideas to make the story of this young woman better.

While I’ll be working each day on my screenplay but I’m not going to blog each and every day about the experience, but I will try to stick to weekly updates on how things are going. My hope is that in 70 days (or maybe a little longer) I’ll have a completed first draft in my hands ready. I’m looking forward to that day. And maybe I’ll finally sit down and write that dialogue article that I have been talking about for years.



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