It is Done!

swordimage1Last time I wrote here I spoke about the problems I had transcribing the first draft of my first novel. As I was typing from Chapter One forward I just wanted to rewrite it. That lead to several false starts until I decided to start typing with Chapter Forty-Nine. Over the weekend of May 9th I have finished transcribing the first draft; in less than a month after nearly a year after I had originally hand wrote it.

The first draft is 63,484 words and 245 pages and it means I can start working on the second draft. When I hand wrote the first draft I was making the story up as I went along. This is why I wanted to rewrite the first several chapters each time I tried to transcribe it. The more I wrote the better the story was defined so I felt I needed to rewrite the beginning to match the beginning with the end. The characters were never defined and in a couple points I contradict myself when it came to character details. So now I need to do my pre-writing.

Where do I start? I asked this question when I first picked up my pen in July 2014 and I find myself asking it again now. For the most part I have a story so I feel I can set that aside for the time being. What I need to work on now are the characters. In the first draft they all sound the same. They all sound like me. I need to define each character’s personality and nail down their histories and finally determine their appearances. Who do I start with? I think I should start with the villain. I need to understand his motivations. Building the villain will mean I will build his past and his past will start connecting him to some of the other characters (but not the hero – they don’t come together until the last chapter).

I’m going to get writing.

– Steve


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