The Middle of 2015


Can you believe it’s June already?

Here we are in June already. On the 26th of June will be celebrating it’s fourth anniversary and that impresses me to no end. I started this blog as a means of making myself more accountable when it came to my writing and it has done wonders. I have completed projects I had only dreamed about thanks to this site with the exception of a new screenplay.

I woke up this morning thinking about my 2015 New Year resolutions so I opened the file on my tablet and reviewed my progress. I’m reading book number 10 right now so the original resolution to read 12 books will be completed within a couple of more months. Last month I finished transcribing my hand-written novel into Scrivener – which proved more difficult than I had imagined when I first listed that resolution. I have also completed a couple of resolutions that were listed under General Life. But there are two on that list that I haven’t even started yet.

  • Write 1 screenplay in 2015
  • Read 12 screenplays in 2015

This blog is primarily a screenwriting blog yet here I am avoiding the two screenwriting tasks on my list. Reading screenplays shouldn’t be too hard. The hardest thing about it is finding the screenplays and even that is much easier now a days thanks to the internet. Reading 12 of them shouldn’t take too long, maybe one a week for the next 12 weeks. So that resolution should be an easy one to complete. I’m in no position to review another writer’s work, nor do I want to, but what I will do is mention the screenplay on this blog when I read it. So expect the first screenplay mention before the end of June.


Writing a Screenplay in Scrivener

Writing a screenplay will be a little harder but that is what this blog was created for. I have wanted to write something brand new for sometime. In the past I have written weekly and monthly articles about trying to write a screenplay. Since I don’t want to bore my audience with dry articles about writing I need to think of a theme for the articles. As I start working on a new screenplay, I will write articles on writing a screenplay within Scrivener. I’ll publish the first article in July and it will be about developing a new idea into Scrivener. But first, I need to come up with a new idea. I have written about idea gathering a couple of times in the past, so I’ll go back and review my own articles.

Finally, once I have finished reading the twelveth book I will post an article listing each book I have read so that my achievement will be recorded on the Internet forever – so I can read it again in a couple of years to remind myself; if you make your resolutions reasonable you can complete them.

– Steve (@feekwrites)


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