Writing…It’s Why We’re Here

I’ve been writing and it feels good. Since my last post I have been writing a screenplay. I’m currently writing the 30th beat (in a linear fashion) and expect to finish the screenplay before the end of July. I will provide a full article on my process shortly, but I thought I would take a couple of moments with an update. I will admit that I am still draw back to my novel and I look forward to making that my 2016 New Years Resolution.

One piece of writing news I’ve got is that I have published my fifth article for the Toronto-based Geeks & Beats podcast. I am their Star Wars Geek, posting an article whenever there is some interesting Star Wars news. My latest article is about the San Diego Comic-Con panel. If you’d like to read my articles please click right HERE.

With all of the writing, my reading has slowed somewhat, but I’m still on track to complete my original 12 in 12 challenge and with a little push I should complete the upgraded 15 in 12 challenge. My wife on the other hand is already on her 20th book of 2015, a very impressive feat.

Script Tip

Use your description length to enforce the pace of the scene. If your writing an long establishing shot, like the opening of Forrest Gump, as the feather floated down to land at his feet, then by all means use flowing sentences with wispy words. However, if you’re describing a car chase, keep your sentences short and quick. The speed in which the description reads will help the reader understand the speed in which the scene will pass.


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