World Building 401

Here we are, part four of our little world building adventure. A couple of things have changed since class 301. I’m adjusted the focus of my world building, the west coast and the astroid crater in the ocean. I started to think that the ‘Aqua Elves’ would make a good culture to include in the story. So the map has shifted to the west since last month. I’ve also adjusted the scale of the map to reduce it. My story’s characters will either walk of ride horses and I’d rather not have them on the road for three months to get somewhere. The exact, new scale has yet to be determined.

During a trip to my local bookstore I came across a new book, How to Draw Fantasy Art & RPG Maps by Jared Blando. It’s a new book and it is a fantastic resource for those of us who love to draw maps. While Mr. Blando mainly focuses on hand drawn maps, I prefer mine to be digital so the next thing I’ve done is started to watch Photoshop Tutorials on Youtube. The results of all of this work is the map you see below.


Except for scale, this map is pretty much complete (I’ve just noticed that I missed adding the Orithian shield over Stroversai). On the right side of the map is the western edge of the Isle of Puyallup. In the northeast is the Orithian Kingdom and in the southwest is the Silver sisters. The southeast is the wild lands of the raw’gah, a race of creatures who hunt in packs of 10 or more. Living on the islands of the drowned crater are the “Sea Elves”, a race of humans who are more at home on the sea rather than the land.

Finished Drawing

Now the mapmaking part of this is complete and we will focus on creating the three different human regions. Looking back at the World Builders’ Guidebook we need to look at each of the three locations and determine the type of government as well as other details about each region. The first are the Orithians, the central region of the story. I know a lot about these people (obviously) so nothing will be random. So I take the time to write out the details of this region. Wherever you can, include names as everything needs to have a name. We can go back and add these names to the map if needed.

The Silver Sisters, living in the western mountains of Puyallup is the next region I want to detail. I know some details that are required for the story, but other details I’ll leave to chance as that might spark some creativity. For example I know they are ruled by women (men are just labourers) but I don’t know what sort of government the ladies have founded.

The third group, which were called Sea Elves on the previous map is a complete unknown to me. Other than they live mostly on the water I know very little of these people and will determine their society through random roles from the WBG. Of course when determining things randomly, don’t let the random roll override previous facts about your society that you like.

Once you have determined the basic information of the three regions, next month we’re going to give each region a history and religion as well as other society background information which might prove helpful as we develop the characters; remember we still haven’t given any thought about the characters that populate our nicely mapped society.

See you next month

– Stephen



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