Random World Building


I’ve written a lot about world building over the years. I love world building. I love drawing maps. When looking at much of the published fantasy worlds they are either corners of continents or island nations. I’ve always been interested in the ancient Mediterranean area. So many unique cultures around the shores of that mighty inland sea. Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt just to name a few. That is pure inspiration.

So two weeks ago I sat down and started doodling with pencil and paper. I spent a few hours doodling sea shapes. I started with small shavings filling a page.Once I had a basic shape I drew it on a fresh piece of paper and continued to work the details until I was happy. I then traced the shape onto a sheet of hex paper and inked it. I penciled in the mountain ranges and the hills.

At this point I scanned the drawing so that I would always be able to back to this point in the creation process. I printed three copies of my new world. Now at this point I pulled out my copy of TSR’s World Builder’s Guidebook. Originally designed for creating roll playing worlds I decided I will use this book to create by story’s world.


Because I was designing a local region about 1,000 miles across so I jumped right to Continents & Geography chapter, section Human Geography. The book offered suggestions for rolling random races. First I rolled just one dominate race and then followed up with 4 major races and 7 minor races. Without going through of the specific details needless to say I randomly rolled all 12 races. Originally one of my printed copy maps had the names of 12 different Dungeons & Dragons races such as elves and dwarves. But I didn’t want elves and dwarves running around so I took each of those races and created various nations’ names.

  • The Kingdom of Orithia
  • Melathia
  • Ilvar Clans
  • Krathia
  • Skokhulim
  • Draewanein Empire
  • Vylorn Clans
  • The Seprohm
  • The Manglyeong
  • The Rulgrix
  • Gamansara Ahwah
  • Troll Hoards

Not all of these nations are human, but they are mostly humanoid. Any organized nations have the capital city noted on the map. The Troll Hoards and Rulgrix are unorganized creatures living off the wilds of the land. The Ilvar Clans are giants while the Kingdom of Orithia is the central kingdom of the stories. Each of the 12 nations will need to be flushed out. Next month we’re going to assign each cultural characteristics followed by a technology level and finally a government form.

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