The Snoke Theory

I’m going to take a short break from World Building to talk about Star Wars. Enjoy.

Star Wars – The Force Awakes left audiences with a number of questions; who are Rey’s parents? Why did Han and Leia split up? Who is Snoke? I don’t read a lot of theories. I prefer to enjoy the movies the way they film makers meant them to be. But the question of Snoke’s origin has kept me thinking since seeing the film. And I have a theory.

Snoke is Ezra

The film makers have said that all of the new stories are interconnected in some way. I figured that Rebels would have been connected to Rogue One. I would have preferred Ahsoka instead of Jyn. It would have made the ending even better. Imagine Vader slamming through the hall, killing the Rebel soldiers as he did in the film, but then at the end of the hall is Ahsoka, waiting for him. The Master and the student (the reverse of the Vader / Obi-Wan battle at the end of A New Hope). But that’s another theory. After Rogue One released there was very few links to Rebels, so I wondered how the animated series was connected to the new storyline. Then Ezra met Maul and it all came together.

History of Ezra

Ezra Bridger is was street kid from Lothal. Born on the very day that the Emperor declared the founding of his great Empire, Ezra’s parents strongly opposed the Empire. After their disappearance Ezra survived on the streets until he met Kanan Jarrus who realized that Ezra was strong with the Force and took it upon himself to train the boy while running missions against the Empire.

This small band of rebels being led by a Jedi came to the attention of Darth Vader who took it upon himself to attack the Jedi who escaped Order 66. This is when Vader and Ezra crossed paths for the first time. After he, Kanan and Ahsoka were attacked by Vader and his inquisitors Ahsoka is missing and Kanan has been blinded. Shortly after that Ezra encounters Darth Maul who introduces the boy to the dark side of the Force.

Turning to the Dark Side

Just as the Emperor did with Vader, Maul dangled the power of the Dark Side in front of Ezra and Ezra tested the dark waters. Here’s where my theory begins. Vader sensed the a new source of power in the dark side and begins to search for the source of that power. He is surprised to find that it is the boy Ezra. Vader offers to train Ezra, making him his Secret Apprentice. We know that the Disney story group have been adapting various Expanded Universe items, such as Thrawn. So I believe they have adapted the Secret Apprentice story and applied it to Ezra. At some point before the end of the Rebels TV Show Darth Vader will turn Ezra to the dark side and present him with a single test. The one test that Vader himself failed to do. Kill his former master Kanan. With Kanan dead Vader proclaims Ezra is Dark Snoke.


Snoke’s Mission

With Ezra at his side Vader’s reach is greatly extended allowing him to gain additional control throughout the Empire. Vader also learns from Ezra that Grand Master Yoda (and possibility Kenobi) is still alive. While Ezra is given missions to strengthen Vader’s power, his overall mission is to search for Yoda and to provide Vader with the Jedi’s location. The beginning of Rogue One Ezra is seen visiting Vader (above) and calling him master. No one else would call Vader master. Off camera Ezra is given a new mission and he is not seen again during the film. During the events of A New Hope Ezra is searching for Yoda. It is Ezra who gets word to the bounty hunters in The Empire Strikes Back that the Empire is in need of their services. He’s never seen, because whenever he can, he is searching for Yoda.

The Decent of Snoke

When Yoda dies in Return of the Jedi, Vader feels the Jedi master’s dead and recalls Ezra to return to Endor to assist with defeating the rebels on the surface. When Darth Snoke arrives it’s all over. The Empire is defeated, the rebels have packed up and left and all Ezra finds on the surface is the charred remains of his master, Darth Vader. It doesn’t take long for Snoke to realize who killed Vader and swears to find and kill Luke Skywalker, but he doesn’t have the man power to reach Skywalker. Not yet. Using his reputation and fear Snoke gains control of several ships and begins to rebuilds the Empire. Many of the officers follow him, some out of fear, others because they enjoyed the taste of power. Several years later Ezra discovers that Luke has reformed the Jedi Order and begins his plan. Darth Snoke turns Ben Solo, one of Luke’s best students (and his nephew) to the dark side of the force and like he did years ago, sets him on a mission to kill his old master.

The attack does not go as planned. After a terrible battle Luke barely escapes with his life but he hold back the Knights of Ren long enough to get Rey, his strongest student, out of harms way. He orders Artoo to get with Rey and make sure she is well hidden before returning to Leia and Threepio. Once safely back with them he is to shut down and wait for Rey to come to him (In The Force Awakens Artoo ‘wakes up’ as soon and Rey is in the base with him) and the droid would bring her back to Luke. Meanwhile Ezra (Snoke) continues to train Kylo Ren in the ways of the dark side, telling him that the only way to win is to be stronger.


Now, Ezra waits in some secret location to extract his revenge of Luke Skywalker for killing his master Darth Vader. His first plan failed and the First Order lost the first battle but to Snoke it’s all just collateral damage. All he wants is Luke and he’s now shaken Luke out of hiding. Looking at the two images the light sabre looks vaguely familiar while the scars on Ezra’s left cheek could be the beginning of Snoke’s damaged face. How did his face become so scared? Training alone for nearly 30 years, maybe hatred eating him from the inside. Anything is possible.

So that’s my Snoke theory. Of course we won’t know what the story tellers at LucasFilms have in mind but a revenge would be a great motivator to drive this ‘new’ villain, Snoke.

What are your thoughts about Snoke? Any ideas who Rey’s parents are? I don’t think Luke is her father. I believe she is Ben’s younger sister, Han and Leia’s daughter. She has forgotten her parents due to her age when she left them for Luke’s new Jedi temple. Hopefully we’ll get some answers in December when The Last Jedi is released.


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