Printing Custom BuJo Pages

I belong to a number of Bullet Journal (BuJo) groups on Facebook. While I don’t completely use the BuJo method, I love seeing what others are doing and what could be adapted for my personal use. In one of those groups a question was asked about the difference between using a bound notebook and a disc bound system. My reply was ease of use and versatility; a user can create any page they can imagine and print it out to fit their book. Today I want to discuss printing your pages for your disc bound journal.

Developing the Page

I do all my work on a 7 year old MacBook Pro. I like simple & free so I use Apple’s Pages to develop my custom pages. I want to write an entire post on developing and building a custom page in future so I’ll keep this to printing an existing document, such as a short story.

I use both the letter sized as well as the junior size ARC system and I often print the same pages for either size, such as my Chapter Development Template, so all custom pages are designed letter sized. The key thing to remember is narrow margins, use as much as the page as possible as the printing method often increases the margins.

Save your page as a PDF. This is key. I find printing in Acrobat gives you some additional sizing options. But I recommend test your applications print setup screen as you might be able to do the same without the PDF stage.

Printing the PDF

If you need your page printed letter sized your done. Just print it, however, like me you need it printed for the junior system then open the PDF in the latest version of Acrobat.


My document is 35 pages. Printing it double sided cuts it to 18 pages (the 18th page will be blank). Then I select the booklet option printing two pages per side on a single sheet of paper. This now means my 35 page document is printed on just 9 pieces of paper. Once printed you will need a cutting device to cut the document into half pages. Don’t use scissors. If you have the junior sized ARC system then go to the crafts store and buy a simple cutter and extra blades. It’s a great investment. Remember your pages need to be cut to 5.5 inches. Mark this position on your cutter so it’s easy to find each time. Cut your pages; I’ll wait.


Cut each page and to keep them in the correct order turn each half page over, but keep them on their side of the cutter. Once your are done, turn both piles of half pages over and place the right pile under the left pile. That should be correctly collated for you. I used this method to cut over 400 pages for my daily timesheet calendar (my ProJournal document). The final step is to punch your pages for the disc bound system. Make sure you have bought the correct punch for your system. Without the punch your are seriously limiting the effectiveness of your system. What’s the point of a disc bound system if you don’t add your own pages?

And that’s it – printing a custom document at the junior size is as easy as clicking a couple of options. Now start creating your own custom pages.

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