Building My First Competitive List

I’ve signed up for the 2017 Store Championship: 401 Games on June 4th, 2017. This will be just my second real game of X-Wing, but of course the only way to improve is to play. I have been spending a lot of time putting together my list for the championship. I enjoy playing the Rebels and I recently bought the Sabine’s TIE Fighter and this ship quickly found a spot on my list.


The first upgrade assigned was the Title Sabine’s Masterpiece. For only 1 point I now had a crew and illicit slot. The crew slot was given to Captain Rex (assign a focus token after an attack that does not hit) and the illicit slot was used to install of EMP Device (Discard to assign 2 ion tokens to each ship within Range 1).  The only other card I could assign to the TIE was an Elite upgrade and I selected the Marksmanship upgrade, allowing me to change 1 focus to a critical hit and all other remaining focus to hits.

I’ve tried to give Sabine a bit of a hit but the weakness of a single TIE fighter means she will need to move fast if she’s going to deploy the EMP device.


For the second ship I was unable to decide between Poe and Biggs. While Biggs’ pilot skill would have allowed me to protect Sabine during the battle, Poe was by far the better of the two pilots. His buddy BB-8 rides with Poe. Push the Limit will help Poe avoid the other side and when he can’t get out of the way the Shield Upgrade will add a little extra protection. I had considered giving Poe R2-D2 so that R2 can help regenerate the shields, but I went with BB-8. Seismic Torpedo allows me to eliminate an astroid while damaging every ship within Range 1. With Weapons Guidance I’ll be able to spend a focus token to flip a blank die to a hit.


Finally, the third and final ship in my list is the Blue Squadron Pilot at at the controls of his B-Wing. The B-Wing/E2 modification allows me to assign a crew member so Kyle Katarn volunteered. As you can see my the flight chart, the B-Wing is big on stress, Kyle allows me assign a focus token when I remove a stress. Fire Control System allows me to acquire a target lock after performing an attack. Finally the Ion Canon pairs nicely with Sabine’s EMP device. The Ion Token forces the affected ship to only fly a 1 straight (whether it is on their tail or not) and if they have any skills that can be used after revealing their maneuver, they can not use it as they are not using the dial.

At 99 points I feel this list is the best list I can put together with what I have available. I’ll know on Sunday. As I laid in bed on Friday night, my wife asleep I was thinking of my list. Is it truly the best list I could have come up with? I decided “No”. When I woke up on Saturday I decided to make some changes. First I decided to switch BB-8 (2 points) to R2-D2 (4 points). This put me at 101 points, so something had to change elsewhere. Captain Rex (2) was replaced with Nien Nunb (1 point).

While BB-8’s free barrel rolls would have given Poe a great deal of flexibility on his exact location on the board, R2-D2 restores a shield token after those same green maneuver. That restored shield could be the difference between life and death. Nien Numb’s opens Sabine’s maneuvers a little more allowing her to perform a red maneuver knowing that any straight maneuver will clear the stress token. 100 points spent. Now I was ready for game day.

Game Day

I headed to 401 Games on Sunday. Registration was at 10 am so I made sure I was there by 9:45am. The store itself didn’t open until 11 am so I would have to find some time between games to run down and do some shopping. Leading up to 11 o’clock we were assigned our first opponent.

Round One – Don was flying Boba Fett and a Scum Y-Wing. I got to a slow start and spent the next 45 minutes literally chasing Don’s ships around the table. Finally I decided to turn on the Y-Wing but Boba was right there. At about 20 minutes Sabine was eliminated without getting a chance to trigger her EMP device. About 20 minutes after that my B-Wing got a little too close to the Y-Wing and his turret chewed the ship to shreds. Thanks to R2-D2 restoring Poe’s shields, he did well enough but with an actual battle plan he found himself caught between Boba and the Y-Wing. BOOM! Loss: 0-100

Round Two – Colin played the Heroes’ of the Resistance Poe as well as Dash Rendar. I did much better this time. But the B-Wing was the first to fall to Dash. That’s a great ship. I’m going to have to add one to my fleet. Dash also took out my Poe before R2-D2 could have restored any of his shields. This round it was Sabine who was the last ship standing. In the fleeting moments of the game she was preparing to deploy the EMP device but Colin’s Poe slipped into range from behind and took out Sabine with the finger on the EMP’s trigger. Loss 0-100

Round Three – Bye. 100 points. I only had the time to stay until the end of the third round so getting the bye was unfortunate. I watched the webcast game for a little bit and then I headed home.

I had a great time, but I learned that I need a lot of practice and I’m hoping to get a number of casual games in over the next few months. Here is the YouTube video of the championships. It’s 10 hours long. You’ve been warned.



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